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Arnur Ibraev: “Tour of Almaty 2015″ will be eco-friendly”

8 September 2015


The International cycling race “Tour of Almaty 2015″ will be shown as 4 television, including Eurosport 2. The organizer of a one-day professional race “Tour of Almaty 2015″ CEO of “Sports Technology of Kazakhstan” Mr. Arnur Ibraev announced prize pool of 186-kilometer distance. He noted that on 4 October at the start of the second scheduled appearance of the captain of “Astana Pro Team” Fabio Aru, and told the conditions under which next year will turn into ephemeral two-day competition.
- We reviewed the list of teams that will participate in the “Tour of Almaty” this year. Despite the fact that the race has a professional status in the list of only two “pro” teams – “Astana” and “Katyusha”. Whether anticipated qualitative changes in the composition, and what we see innovation in the current race?
- On the “Tour of Almaty 2015″, as well as last year, involving 20 teams from 17 countries. Three collective Kazakhstan: Astana Pro Team, Vino4ever and the National team of Kazakhstan. The remaining 16 teams are representatives of France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Israel, China and others, including Russia, of course. As such significant innovations we have, it turns out all the same proven format. Class race the same – 1.1. (allows you to take the team Pro Tour – auth.). Route Classic – 6 laps of the Al-Farabi and Eastern bypass road, 31 kilometer-long (186 km in total – auth.). There are two professional teams representing the elite of world cycling – it’s “Astana” and “Katyusha”. From the innovations, I note that in the “Tour of Almaty 2015″ under the rules of UCI will be allocated to the “Green Zone.” Participants during the race thrown empty tanks, food wrappers, banana peel on. So now after the food items on the track will be a special “green” zone, where athletes can throw all this rubbish.

I should also note that this year’s race starts a little earlier in time – 8:30. Last year the start was at 10am. It happened because of the conditions that gave us the TV channel «Eurosport 2″ for the organization of the live broadcast. Live “Tour of Almaty 2015″ on the main sports channel in Europe will be carried out from 13:00 to 14:00 Astana time. In addition, the race will show the TV “Kazsport”, “Kazakhstan” and “Almaty” in full. Presentation of the teams will begin at 8:30 am, start – at 9:45 and finish and the awarding ceremony of planned about two o’clock in the afternoon.
- Whether there were negotiations with some other professional teams in addition to the Russian “Katyusha”?

- Yes, but the date of our cycle race stands at the end of the season, and he “Tour of Almaty” is gaining momentum and is not yet so famous in Europe as we would have liked. But the fact that “Astana” and “Katyusha” for the second year in a row will participate in Kazakhstan’s tour is a great achievement for us.

- What are the difficulties now facing the organizers is there any qualitative change for the better in comparison with the past and the year before last?
- Difficulties in the organization of sporting events of this level there, but, thanks to the support of the Cycling Federation of Kazakhstan, all involved in the organization of cycling service of akimat of Almaty city, they clearly comply with all norms regulated, preparation for the “Tour of Almaty” goes according to plan. The only thing – we always trust and hope for a good sunny weather, and in October in Almaty unpredictable climate. For two consecutive years the weather has been gracious to us. Last year, the day before the race was a heavy rain, and the next day the sun came out. This year, too, hope for good weather. No more intractable difficulties we have.

- How much time before the start of the race teams must submit its formal compositions – for a week, ten days before the race?
- Usually, ten days before the race we already get the final compositions. It happens that in the list of expelled one part, and others could come – there was nothing to be done: someone can get sick, injured, etc.

- The prize fund of the first two races was 39 thousands euros, and the winner will receive 15 thousand. As now these rates have changed?
- Remuneration of the athletes we leave unchanged. We decided not to reduce it, because the race, as I have said, the young and should in any case somehow attract the people we invite. This is a very good prize, and 15 thousand euros for the 1 st place – a procedure more in comparison with the other prize-winning one-day races. In addition, we provide the participants of the “Tour of Almaty” accommodation in five-star hotels, good food, transfers, organization of flights, baggage and payment overdrive anywhere in the world and the rest of the infrastructure. These amenities we try to interest in the team to participate in our cycling.

- Last year, began to say that “the Tour of Almaty” changes in the format over time, a one-day race may be two or three days, and later weekly. How realistic is it to make such conditions in Almaty traffic jams?
- Former Mayor of Almaty Akhmetzhan Esimov noted that in 2016, this race will probably be two days, but only if the construction of the highway Almaty – Kapshagay be completed. That is, the option is as follows: in the first stage the riders will overcome distance of Kapshagai in Almaty, and the second day will go to the classic criterium of Al-Farabi Avenue and East bypass road. There is a lot of comments on the topic of adding mountain stage that the conditions of Almaty is difficult to do, but still it would have given the severity of the race.

- Agree, it would be possible to use and Navoi street – there is also a very good gradient …
- All of these options were discussed, but, as you know, it all depends on the city authorities.

- Recently, the mayor of the city of Almaty has changed. As Baurzhan Baibek refers to the prospects of development of International professional cycling and cycling in general?
- Recently we met with a new Mayor. As Akhmetzhan Smagulovich, he is very interested in the development of the “Tour of Almaty”, and we see from him a lot of support. Bauyrzhan Baibek believes that “the Tour of Almaty”, as the only traditional sports event of international scale in Kazakhstan, it is necessary for the image and prestige of the country.

- Do you planing to visit to “Tour of Almaty 2015″ famous riders?
- Due to the density of the International calendar, make a preliminary agreement with well-known personalities is quite difficult. The teams are not formed in a week or two, but at the last moment. However, if last year’s “Tour of Almaty” acted Vincenzo Nibali, this year we also would like to see and in the race, and the other leaders of “Astana Pro Team”, such as Fabio Aru and Mikel Landa. Once again our cycling will not do without the “golden voice” of the Russian broadcasting channel Eurosport, an expert in the field of cycling Kurdyukov Sergei, who gladly come to each “Tour of Almaty.”


Participating teams of International cycling race “Tour of Almaty 2015″


1. ASTANA PRO TEAM (Kazakhstan)
2. TEAM KATUSHA (Russia)


3. RUSVELO (Russia)


5. RTS-SANTIC RACING TEAM (Chineese Taipei) 
8. VINO 4-EVER (Kazakhstan) 
10. RIETUMU – DELFIN (Latvia) 
11. TEAM VORARLBERG (Austria) 
12. TEAM MARSEILLE 13 TKM (France) 
14.  BIKE AID (Германия)







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